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I just watched it twice.  It's absolutely beautiful.  I wouldn't imagine 12 minutes being able to capture so much.  The whole process - before, after, during, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, and such a beautiful person in his wife.  You have created a masterpiece.  A true work of art.


- Tyler J. Southern, USMC (ret.)

  Saint Augustine, FL

Just watched Birthday. It was beautiful and most importantly real. You were able to capture so many parts of his story.  I can't describe my favorite because there were so many. Although I have all my limbs I could relate with the relationship part. My wife is so much more than just my wife.  It's hard to explain but you were able to show it. Only some can truly understand it.  You showed the pain that is constantly there.  It never goes away but it's up to us to decide how it controls our life.  The part in the end where Chris helps others at the end. That is why I do what I do.  Helping other vets is what has kept my alive. I'm glad you didn't over dramatize the combat scene and that you kept it short. We all know what it's like and that isn't the important part.  Fighting, getting hurt, that's the easy part.  You showed what the real challenge is.  Coming home.

I have to admit every time I saw Chris cry I cried and I just wanted to hug him and tell him it's ok. We are still warriors. I hope you continue to share stories like this.

- Steven Diaz, USMC (ret.)

  Columbia, SC

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I just watched Birthday, and I am absolutely torn to shreds.  It's amazing how film can do that. This film was short, yes, but I think maybe that was the point.  I am most grateful that Chris King brought the struggle that military families go through to light.  Whether your warrior is wounded or not, we still go through readjustment, and we wives have to learn our new lives after the war.  When my husband came home from Afghanistan, everything was different. There were lots of tears shed, and frustrations voiced. There were also the wonderful times, where I saw and continue to see my old pre-war husband make an appearance.  (Actor) Chris Gouchoe did a wonderful job.  It's extremely hard for anyone who hasn't been through combat to portray someone who has, and Chris's talent absolutely showed.  I am so very appreciative of your work.  My love to you all.


- Lauren Treitman-Sivard

  Independence, MO


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