Cleveland Intl Film Festival
Chris K in Ohio
Washington West Film Fest
Heather & our daughter, Natalie, in DC
HollyShorts Film Fest
Mandy & Chris G in Hollywood, CA
Boulder Intl Film Festival
Chris K with the Cottle family in Colorado
Carmel Film Festival
Chris K, Chris G & coffees in Carmel, CA
Carmel Film Festival
Our daughter and Mandy's daughter. Two peas in a pod.
Carmel Film Festival
Mandy & Chris K
With Sacramento-native Marion Kerr
at Sac Intl Film & Music Fest where her short "Une Liberation" also played.
HollyShorts Film Festival Awards
Chris G. & Mandy at HollyShorts FF Awards Night
Napa Valley Film Festival
Ashland Film Festival
with Oscar winner Ellen Goosenberg Kent ("Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1")
Tribeca Film Festival
with Senior Exec. Producer of "Birthday", Jacqueline Calkin
Mandy & Chris
at Beverly Hills FF
Mandy at Beverly Hills FF
awards night with her "Best Actress" trophy
With Robert Duvall
at his ranch in Virginia where "Birthday" was invited to play for a small fundraiser
Chris & Heather & daughter Natalie
at HollyShorts FF
Mandy @ Playhouse West Film Festival
accepting her Best Actress award
Mandy @ Pasadena Film Festival
accepting her Best Actress award
San Luis Obispo Film Festival
King family at San Luis Obispo FF
With screenwriter James Solomon
at Boulder Intl FF. (Our commonality of both writing films about Mary Surratt.)
Chris & Mandy at HollyShorts
accepting Best Narrative Short Award
Historic Boulder Theatre
at Boulder Intl FF
Chris Gouchoe
answering questions at the G.I. Film Festival in San Diego
With the amazing Rob Jones
at the G.I. Film Festival in San Diego
Chris at Sedona IFF
Sedona Intl FF
Ashland Independent FF
Ashland Film Festival
with "Skunk" filmmaker Annie Silverstein
VisionFest in NYC
with friend and fest director Bruno Derlin
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