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"An emotionally visceral collage of pain as well as the love necessary to keep it at bay.  This is a story of heroes, plural - the soldiers who give everything and the ones at home who attempt to give it back."


Jared Mobarak  (Letterboxed)

"A powerful film that accurately portrays a lengthy, difficult and inspiring journey of an injured Marine

and his devoted wife."


Kyle Carpenter, USMC (ret.)  (Medal of Honor recipient)

"I was deeply moved.  You covered so much ground, and with so much emotional depth, respect and humanity.  Kudos to you on a wonderful film."


Claudia Puig  (Film Critic, NPR's "Film Week")

"A poignant haiku of a movie that reminds us about the heartbreaking toll of war and shows us how to heal."


Academy Award Winner Ellen Goosenberg Kent

("Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1")

"Birthday is powerful and important, a timely film on timely issues of war and passion."


Jake Jacobson  (Westwood One/CBS Radio)

"Telling the stories of our American troops in a polished, smart and nonpartisan way, and it's all the more powerful because of it."


Ivan Kander  (Short of the Week)

"The pain and suffering, as well as the strength needed to continue on, are felt deeply within the viewer.  This touching and insightful film will change how you view a veteran."


Pamela Powell  (The Daily Journal, Best of Tribeca Shorts)

"Birthday, in its stunning 12 minutes, makes you cry and laugh with its central couple.  The best and most genuine tear-jerking love story you've seen packed into less than half an hour."


Justin Lockwood  (Geeks Out, Tribeca Shorts)

"This is a vital and important film...a celebration of the human spirit and a glorious expression that life does go on and that there is no reason not to join in."


Steve Kopian  (Unseen Films)

"Birthday is a powerful and effective look at the returning wounded service member and the challenges faced by them and their loved ones.  I loved it."


Gary Sinise  ("Forrest Gump", "Apollo 13")

"Birthday is a beautifully directed film with great

sensibility and wonderful performances."


Robert Duvall  ("Apocalypse Now", "The Godfather")

"Birthday is a timely American looks for

inspiration in how to not just gain strength after

challenging adversity, but unify and then triumph."


Jayne Thorpe  (Fan Carpet, UK)

"To connect effectively with an audience as quickly

as this film demands is a feat that many indie filmmakers fail to achieve."


Garbage File, UK

"Birthday absolutely mesmerized me for every

one of its 13 minutes.  An intelligent and empowering



Richard Propes  (The Independent Critic)

"(Mandy) Moody's performance as the Wife is

heartfelt, soulful, and completely filled with believable

reactions one would associate with each stage of the

circumstances being depicted."


Kirk Fernwood  (, UK)

"Rather than making a political statement or being

presented as an anti-war protest, the film is a

straight-forward reminder of what so many families

and soldiers go through after the war."


David Ferguson  (Red Carpet)

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