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Filming in "Afghanistan"
In Wheatland, north of Sacramento, CA. With a wonderfully detailed, handmade prop metal detector made by Keith Richardson.
D.P. Ryan Black
Director of Photography
"Wife" Mandy Moody
Watching Mandy on the monitor while filming the Skype scene
"Marine" Chris Gouchoe
Relaxing between takes at the hospital
Co-Producer & Consultant Buddies
Co-Producer (& frequent Watermark Films actor) Eric Wheeler & Consultant/Body-double Jesse Cottle
Veteran Josh Hotaling
Veteran Josh Hotaling chats with Director Chris King while he gets ready to ride his awesome bike for us as a body-double.
Jesse Cottle's first pitch
Filming the green screen version before he pitched the REAL first pitch at a Sacramento River Cats game.
Consultant Kelly Cottle
On-set consultant, wife of wounded veteran Jesse Cottle
2nd D.P. Jason Knight
2nd Director of Photography and Camera Operator
Filming "Christmas"
We pulled out the Christmas decorations ... in July.
Filming the "wife" at work
We turned Chilton Middle School into a temporary 2nd grade classroom.
Grip & Soundman Josh Garner
Key Grip and Soundman Josh Garner
Filming the "Marines"
On a film set, the umbrellas are for the cameras and equipment, not the people!
Cast & crew at the baseball shoot
Filming the first pitch and watching a Sacramento Rivercats game - on Chris & Heather's 18th anniversary!
P.A. Leslie Goodman
Production and Sound Assistant Leslie Goodman
A break from bowling
Jesse & Kelly Cottle, body double/consultants, take a break while filming at the bowling alley.
"You're so amazing!"
Mandy is in awe of Ryan's cinematography.